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The UK's most annoying driving habits

Whether you are a new driver or have been on the road for forty years, there are bound to be some driving habits that annoy you!

Here are the most annoying driving habits, see if you agree with them, or if you are in fact an offender!

1. Middle lane hogging

Has the British public forgotten how to drive on a motorway?  Are we not teaching new drivers correctly?  We were taught to keep to the left hand lane except for overtaking.  Despite police pledges to prosecute middle-lane drivers, nothing has changed.  It shouldn’t be possible to undertake a driver in fast-moving traffic on the motorway. More police please, for a proper clampdown on one of the most dangerous habits.

2. Taking up two parking spaces

Simple rule here: when you get out of the car, look at it before you walk away. Not sitting between two white lines? Then move it, buster!

3. Stopping people 'zip merging'


Zip merging is safe, sensible and recommended by rule 134 of the Highway Code.  Studies reveal that zip-merging reduces crashes, speeding and congestion. is NOT pushing in. It is keeping the flow of slow traffic moving.  So you think by blocking zip mergers you’re doing the right thing morally?  Afraid you’re wrong!

4. Changing lanes in slow-moving traffic

You might think this is saving you time and advancing you up the queue, but science has shown you don’t reach your destination any quicker than those who stay in the same lane. You merely impede the flow.

5. Queuing for right-hand fuel pumps

The vast majority of pumps will reach across a car, so it doesn’t matter which side you pull up to refuel, as long as you park nice and close. Please just pick the empty one.

6. Braking for average speed cameras


Why do people seem to not understand the part of the sign that says “average”?  That means they’ve been clocking your speed over the distance since the last camera, or over several cameras, so driving 20mph above the limit then braking for the camera is not going to work is it!

7. Driving below the speed limit

Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. While we would never encourage anyone to speed up unnecessarily or drive dangerously, if you are driving 30mph in a 40mph zone for no logical reason, then speed up.   Look in your rear-view mirror. See that build-up of traffic behind you? You are encouraging people to take risky overtaking manoeuvres! 

8. Arguing with traffic wardens


For a start, they didn’t make the rules, and don’t have the power to change them on the spot just because you don’t like it.  And if they’ve issued the ticket already, what are you arguing with them about? They can’t rescind it. Accept your lot and be on your way.


9. Not letting drivers merge onto a dual carriageway or motorway 

Traffic in the nearside lane should be vigilant at junction slip roads and if safe move across a lane to let merging traffic on.  It is common courtesy to move over if possible, to allow joining traffic to join smoothly and safely. 

10. Tailgating

The most irritating one for us has to be the stupid and dangerous drivers who persistently tailgate, especially on motorways.  They think they are trying to move the traffic flow along faster buy bullying people out of the way but in fact tailgating cause 'phantom traffic jams' that actually slow the traffic flow down because if the car in front slows down slightly, a tailgater has to brake hard to avoid rear ending, and in turn so does the car behind and this creates a ripple effect.  How many times have you sat in a jam only to find there is no reason for it?  Now you know what the reason was!